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Flight to Vietnam

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Flight to Vietnam

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During your Flight to Vietnam
After checking-in and show your passport, Vietnam visa with customs, you will boarding to fly to Vietnam. So please check more detail during your flight.

Together with guidelines on the flight number, flying time, gate, your seat number is shown on your boarding card. Vietnam Airlines provides three service classes of travel: Business Class (C), Y-Deluxe (I), and Economy class (Y). Seats are numbered from the front to the back of the aircraft. Your preferred seat can be reserved at the check-in counter, when available.

Hand Luggage
In accordance with the international air transport rules, each passenger may carry aboard one piece of hand luggage with a weight of up to 7kg and dimensions of up to 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Please use the overhead lockers to store your hand luggage. If there is not enough space, please store additional items under the seat in front of you. No hand luggage is allowed to block the aisles.

Our cabin crew will demonstrate the safety procedures of the aircraft before take off. You will also find the informative Safety Card in the seat pocket in front of you. Oxygen masks are stored above you. Life jackets are under your seat. Oxygen masks and life jackets can be used only in case of emergency. Please keep your seatbelt fastened whenever the seat belt sign is on, especially during take off and landing. Since not all turbulence is predictable, you are advised to keep your seat belt fastened whenever you are seated.

Electronic equipment
Electronic receivers and transmitters such as mobile phones, signal transmitters, FM radios, pagers, radio-controlled devices, printers, wireless television sets, remote control sound devices should not be used at any stage of the flight.
Equipment like video players, cassettes (including headphones), compact disc players, electronic games, computers, electronic calculators, non-FM radios, shavers, electronic books and dictionaries cannot be used during take-off and landing as they may interfere with the electronic routing system of the aircraft.

Smoking restrictions
Smoking is not allowed on any Vietnam Airlines flights. Passengers will be reminded of our No Smoking rule with lit up signs while onboard the aircraft.

Crew uniform
Our female flight attendants wear dark red traditional ao dai / tunics, while male attendants wear white shirts with dark red ties and black pants. They speak Vietnamese, English and at least one other language, depending on the flight. Chief pursers wear a pin that reads “Chief Purser.”

Food and Beverage
Vietnam Airlines serves meals and beverages free of charge on board its international and domestic flights. Passengers with special dietary requirements should request special meals when booking flights, or at least 24 hours before departure. For the best service, please sit in your assigned seat.

On long-haul flights in the Boeing 777 and the Boeing 767, all seats are equipped with in-flights entertainment. The Boeing 777 is equipped with Audio/Video On Demand (AVOD). AVOD allows passengers to select from a wide range of multilingual entertainment options, including feature films, music, news, and games. The Boeing 767 is also equipped with a shared overhead TV with 3-6 film channels, and nine music channels according to a fixed calendar.

In-flight reading
Newspapers and magazines are available in English and Vietnamese on all flights. Heritage and Heritage Fashion are the airline’s two in-flight magazines, and are issued monthly. These two publications present the latest information on national culture, tourism, society, and entertainment.

Passenger comments
As your comfort and convenience are our prime concern, your ideas on how our services might be improved are much appreciated. You will find a passenger comment form in the seat pocket. There are boxes in Vietnam’s airport, otherwise they may be mailed.

VietJet Air launches 30,000 sale tickets
To celebrate opening its 22nd route from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat, VietJet Air is offering low-cost tickets per week between the cities. There will be 30,000 tickets offered at VND 12,000 for a one-way flight. Customers can purchase tickets on March 5-7. The rates are applicable for flights departing between March 22 and May 20. The special promotion does not include national holidays. The flight duration is about 40 minutes one-way. Daily flights will depart Da Lat at 9:45 am. and Ho Chi Minh City at 11am.
Customers can buy the special discounted tickets and apply visa online at


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